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Remodeling & renovation

"Your Pool will Sparkle" isn’t just our tagline ...
it’s what you get from Clean Bottom Pools. Every time your pool or spa is serviced you get a complete and detailed report about that visit.

Is your pool less than picture-perfect? From a simple plaster to a full-blown remodel Clean Bottom Pools can update, renovate and remodel your residential pool and spa. From design to execution, we’ll provide you the best options using only quality materials as well as the latest technology in resurfacing, decking, energy-saving equipment and products.


If your pool surfaces are starting to show staining, chipping or fading, allow the Clean Bottom Pool professionals to get your pool back in peak condition aesthetically and operationally.   All of our work is licensed, bonded, and insured and with over 45 years of combined experience, our qualified professional will get the job done to your satisfaction every time. CBP will handle your remodel from design to execution and do it on schedule without leaving a mess behind, so you can get back to enjoying your Picture Perfect Pool!

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Everything from Design, Plan, Budget, and Work

Clean Bottom Pools will help you design, plan and budget your remodel, whether restoring your pool back to its original beauty or doing a total renovation. Below are some of the items CBP will review with you in more detail during your consultation.​

Change the shape and depth
  • Circular

  • Rectangular

  • Kidney

  • Free form

  • Figure 8

  • L-Shaped

  • Oval


Pool and Spa Interior Finishes
  • Tiles

  • Premium Plaster

  • Colored Quartz

  • Pebble Finishes

Aesthetic Enhancements
  • Jets

  • Lighting

  • Spa

  • Water features

  • Fountain bubblers

  • Waterfalls

  • Waterslide


Decking and Coping
  • Poured concrete

  • Decorative concrete

  • Stone

  • Pavers

  • Cantilevered

  • Bullnose

  • Rough cut

Upgrade Technology/Safety
  • Energy efficiency

  • Automation

  • Saltwater conversion

  • Automatic cleaner

  • Pool safety cover

  • Pool alarms

  • Anti-entrapment equipment


Pool and Spa Plumbing
  • Chlorinators

  • Skimmers

  • Heaters

  • Energy Efficient Pumps

  • Filters

Pool Equipment Repair Services

Salt systems
Water Levelers
Automated Pool Systems
Leak Detection & repair
In-Floor Pop-ups
Main Drain and Vac alerts
Diving Boards

Pool Technology Upgrades:

  • Automated pool systems
  • Energy Efficient/Variable Speed Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Salt Water Conversions
  • Anti-entrapment Equipment (main drain and vac alerts)

Commercial Pool Remodels

For commercial pool remodels, they not only need to look inviting but safety and compliance are just as important. Clean Bottom Pools has the qualifications needed to meet your tight schedules and your budget. We will handle the permitting and provide all the documentation you need to make your renovation or remodel a smooth process. Our projects include pools and water features for resorts, hotels, theme parks, YMCA’s, communities, institutions, retail centers, and apartment complexes.


We are up-to-date with city, county and state code requirements for commercial, institutional, and public spaces. We undertake many diverse pool & spa building projects because we have the necessary planning and execution skills needed to be successful regardless of the project size.


There is no need to be overwhelmed by the prospect of transforming your pool to the oasis that it can be.

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