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"Your Pool will Sparkle" isn’t just our tagline ...
Find out what others are saying.

"I️ want to let you know that Darren is doing a superb job. He is very dedicated and committed to providing the best service. Our pool is absolutely in a tip-top condition.  He is a very personable individual and thought you should know."

Milan in Scottsdale


"Just wanted to let you know Darren has been doing our pool for several years now and we are very happy with him. Very dependable and always does a great job! Today noticed him scrubbing tile all around the pool. I figured you would appreciate this positive feedback."

Mike in Scottsdale

Private Pool

"Just a quick note to let you know that Darren has been doing a good job keeping our pool clean for us.  He is pleasant and seems to really care about his work and keeping us happy as clients.  You have a good worker there!  Just wanted to give him a thumbs up!"

Alison in Scottsdale

Image by Vita Vilcina

"Thank you for sending Darren to us.  Our pool has never looked so good.  We can always rely on him to do whatever is necessary to keep it sparkling. We resisted hiring a pool company for many years, but Rick Fields spoke so highly of your company, we decided to give you a try.  We are very happy we did.


Today when I saw Darren he said he was not aware that I had been sending emails to share how much we appreciate him.  Being business owners ourselves, it is nice to know when your employees are making customers happy. Thanks, for taking good care of us."

Jane in Phoenix

chairs by pool

I don't know Darren really well, because I am out of town a lot. But by his effort, work ethic, and going the extra mile on my pool? Yep....glad we finally met...


My pool is surrounded by foliage and is subject to the dust raised in the horse pasture outback - Darrin just buckles down and gets results. Old equipment - he works around
it. Rain - he's good. The wind blows a mess into the pool - he puts out extra effort.


This guy is your diamond. The guy who makes your company worth the money. He shows up, on time, prepared, and WORKS to get a result. Results are what cut it with me.


Pool looks great when he's finished and he takes the time to look over the equipment and advise me when things may need attention, at which time I get with your other peeps and they handle the BS.


Good to have a guy like Darren on my home team. Hope you realize what you have in this guy. He's an uncommon asset.

Charlie in Scottsdale

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