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residential pool maintenance & cleaning

"Your Pool will Sparkle" isn’t just our tagline ...
it’s what you get from Clean Bottom Pools. Every time your pool or spa is serviced you get a complete and detailed report about that visit.
Image by Vita Vilcina

Our residential pool services take the work out of keeping your swimming pool in peak condition! More than comprehensive maintenance, we give you peace of mind. Peace of mind that your pool is safe and healthy with the correct water balance to keep your systems and equipment operating in optimum condition. Our mid-sized, locally-owned pool service company knows how to do the job right. 


For your reassurance, every visit from our CPO certified technicians, you automatically receive an electronic service report showing details of the work performed that day like brushing the walls and steps, backwashing the filter along with chemical levels like PH and chlorine. It includes arrival and departure times and a photo of your pool after work has been performed.

Let the professionals at Clean Bottom Pools maintain a safe and healthy pool environment for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.

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Clean Bottom Pools offers additional services you may need once or more per year to keep your pool and spa operating properly and looking its best.  Keeping your pool free of mineral buildup with all systems working properly is key to ensuring there are no larger problems down the road. Let us take the tough work off your hands!


  • Drain and Clean Pool/Spa

  • Acid Wash
    Acid Washing is an ideal way to clean the stains left behind from a high concentration of minerals on pool surfaces. Acid Washing includes draining the pool, cleaning up any dirt and debris and acid washing the swimming pool and spa surfaces.

  • Filter Cleaning
    Includes breaking down filter system, cleaning filter cartridges, reassembly and lubrication of filter O-rings.

  • Filter Acid Wash
    This process includes breaking down your filter system and acid washing. Afterward, we reassemble your system and lubricate all gaskets and O-rings.

  • Tile Cleaning
    CBP will safely remove the minerals (generally calcium) buildup on the pool tiles making it like new again!  After cleaning, we apply a protective sealant to the tiles keep it looking great!

  • Green Pool/Algae Clean
    Green pool cleanup will completely remove algae from your swimming pool. The process includes draining the pool, cleaning up algae and debris then chlorine washing the pool surface along with a thorough cleaning of the pool filtration system.

  • Commercial and Residential Pool Inspections
    Ensure the safety and proper operation of your pool with a pool inspection.  This inspection gives you a thorough report on the condition of your pool, and surrounding areas and built-in accessories.

  • Emergency Clean up
    Clean Bottom Pools provides swimming pool services from weekly cleaning and maintenance to pool remodels.  We look forward to helping you with these services and earning your business in the future for any other pool services you may need.  We can take the heavy work out of enjoying your pool!

"We resisted hiring a pool company for many years, but a friend spoke so highly of your company, we decided to give you a try.  We are very happy we did."


Jane V.
Phoenix, AZ

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