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We create 30-minute vacations.

We clean and maintain all of them.

With the PureEdge Media Video Package, you could have a new video here monthly. Imagine a library of video shorts on this page, all that tell your amazing story. In two years you could have a library of 24 videos you can use over and over again throughout your social media posts.

What we do for you:

  • We find and get the stock video for your short.

  • We write the story copy with your assistance.

  • We find and edit the background audio.

  • We create and edit your video short.

  • We upload the video to your Youtube channel.

  • We send you a copy so you can use it on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

  • We place the video on this page with the rest of your collection.

  • We'll feature a new video short on your home page every month.

Contact Ryan at PureEdge Media to start your program.

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